NUAGE is the dream where sensuality and supreme permeate one another.

NUAGE is the magnificent oriental talent with the most luxurious complements, and signed by pure gold.

NUAGE from Emirates is full of hope and love; we see it high and far in the sky.


AMBER by NUAGE is a totally new olfactory experience and classic at its best.

Ambrette seed lends a unique way of enhancing the quality with its sweet, flowerily, and heavy fragrance, which is lightened by the spicy-balsamic and lemony aroma of Elemi.

con el aroma picante-balsámico al limón del Elemi.

Unsurpassed elegance from VIOLET is combined with STYRAX precious amber resin.

The excellent fixative BENZOIN RESINOID and the lighter in colour LABDANUM fixes the olfactory gemstone, transformative and behind comprehension AMBER.

encima de toda compresión, el AMBER.


ROSE by NUAGE is one of the most precious and elegant perfumes, based on the spiritual matrix and energy of the most powerful flower.

Devana’s unique and tenacious character, combines it’s warm penetrating and uniquely herbaceous, to the unique fruity and subtly spicy aroma of Bergamot. Which blends perfectly with the almost wild rose-type aroma, tangy green/spicy notes and soft Turkish Rose oil.

Geraniums, sweet from Egypt and Bourbon (greener fragrance) from Reunion blends perfectly to the Rose Absolute Turkey.



OUD by Nuage is a gallant conqueror, creates in all of us beloved followers with its magnetic attraction.

Extremely difficult to achieve, natural OUD oil, just few of the noble notes can reach this level. With SAFFRON on top completes its singularity, but ROSES in the heart and AMBER notes in the background revels it’s deep worm love inside.


MUSK by Nuage is a complete seducer, controls the body sensuality with it’s unexpected dominating notes.

ROSE and heavy flowers such as ORANGE BLOSSOM and TUBEROSE, makes it even more sensual. In the background, BENZOIN, INCENSE and a hint of LABDANUM add a mystical and spiritual dimension to the perfume. This entire concoction is freshened with sparkling BERGAMOT and spices of PINK PEPPER and ELEMI.